Digital Highlights

The State Library has compiled a number of small digital highlights in the past and will continue to do so on a quarterly basis. These digital highlights are featured in our Letter to Libraries Online electronic newsletter. The featured digital highlight of the quarter can be viewed by going to the Featured Digital Highlight page.

Celebrating Oregon's Public Beaches
Oregon's Beach Bill (House Bill 1601) was a piece of landmark legislation passed by the 1967 session of the Oregon Legislative Assembly. The bill extended public ownership of land along the coast to 16 vertical feet above the low tide mark and recognized public easements of all beach areas up to the vegetation line. In celebration of its 50th anniversary, this curated collection of Oregon history contains publications directly related to the Beach Bill, as well as general information and photographs regarding beach development, conservation, and tourism. To learn more about the development of the Beach Bill, refer to the first publication in this collection entitled 1969 Beach Bill (H.B. 1045). For more general information, visit the Oregon Encyclopedia or watch the 2007 Oregon Public Broadcasting film. This online collection debuted in June 2017.
Depression-Era Scrip
Creator: Oregon State Library (collector)
Date: 2013-05
Due to bank suspension and a lack of physical currency during the Great Depression, scrip was used as a substitute for government issued currency by traders and employers. These fascinating examples of local currency issued in Oregon include scrip issued on sheepskin and buckskin.
Governor Tom McCall's Centenary Birthday
Creator: Oregon State Library (collector)
Date: 2013-03
Governor Tom McCall was born on March 22, 1913. To commemorate the 100th anniversary of his birth, the State Library has digitized select prominent documents relating to his eight year term as governor of Oregon. Some key issues for Oregon’s 30th governor include land use planning and environmental protection, which are reflected in these documents. This digital highlight was compiled and debuted in March 2013.
Hanford Site
Creator: Oregon State Library (collector)
Date: 2013-09
The Hanford Site is a mostly decommissioned nuclear production complex operated by the federal government on the Columbia River in the state of Washington. The Hanford Site is known as the most contaminated nuclear site in the United States. This collection highlights various issues at the Hanford nuclear site, including geological factors, environmental concerns, and histories of the cleanup. This digital highlight was compiled and debuted in September 2013.
Oregon National Guard Historical Newsletters
Creator: Oregon State Library (collector)
Date: 2013-02
The Oregon National Guard serves as a reserve force to the United States Air Force and the United States Army, and has a long tradition and history dating back to 1843. This collection of historical newsletters dates back to 1921 and includes activity and deployment news, budgetary and statistical information, promotions, and photographs. You can browse each issue, or search the entire collection by keyword.
Oregon State Highway Maps
Creator: Oregon State Library (collector)
Date: 2016-04
This collection includes the official Oregon state highway maps from 1919 to the present, with thanks to the Oregon Department of Transportation's Geographic Information Services.
Oregon Statehood Day
Creator: Oregon State Library (collector)
Oregon officially became part of the United States on February 14, 1859. Since then, Oregonians have celebrated Oregon’s birthday in a number of ways. This collection contains programs, reports, and other publications from statehood celebrations old and new. This digital highlight was compiled and debuted in February 2016.
Sales Tax in Oregon
Creator: Oregon State Library (collector)
Date: 2013-12
These documents reflect the numerous times Oregon has considered a sales tax, and include summaries of legislative bills, studies, speeches, and recent blog posts. This digital highlight was compiled and debuted in December 2013.
State Fire Marshal Centennial
Creator: Oregon State Library (collector)
Date: 2017-03
The Office of State Fire Marshal was established in 1917 through the passage of House Bill 226. The aim of this new office, according to the first issue of the Fire Marshal’s Bulletin, “will be to show that real fire prevention is the elimination of carelessness and the cultivation of carefulness.” To highlight some of the inceptive events of the Fire Marshal’s Office, the State Library has curated an online collection of early publications. This online collection is the first in our quarterly digital highlights series, and was debuted in March 2017.