The Oregoniana collection includes:

  • Publications on the history and culture of Oregon
  • Oregon city and county government publications
  • Oregon nonprofit and other organization publications
  • Oregon tribal government publications
  • Other special collections
City and County Government Publications
The State Library collects a variety of city and county government publications that were created by local government agencies solely or in collaboration with state agencies. This collection includes government publications where local city and county government agencies are the primary author. Topics include but are not limited to: • city planning • transportation • financial and economic reports • water conservation and environmental quality • agricultural planning and conservation • various city programs and initiatives
Depression-Era Scrip
Due to bank suspension and a lack of physical currency during the Great Depression, scrip was used as a substitute for government issued currency by traders and employers. These fascinating examples of local currency issued in Oregon include scrip issued on sheepskin and buckskin.
Miscellaneous Oregoniana
The State Library collects a variety of publications that are unaffiliated with state or local government agencies but relate closely to Oregon statehood and history. This collection includes publications and ephemera published by unaffiliated individual authors and groups. Topics vary greatly but concentrate on historical sites, prominent events, and general Oregon history.
Nonprofits and Organizations
Often the Oregon state government partners with non-profits and organizations. While these publications are not created by state agencies they are directly related to Oregon and the work of our state government.
People's Power League
The People’s Power League of Oregon was a progressive organization which advocated for multiple political causes including the initiative and referendum process (“direct legislation”) and citizen recall of elected officials. One of founders of the League was William U’Ren.
Tribal Governments
Includes official publications from federally recognized Indian tribes within Oregon’s borders and key documents (such as treaties) concerning the tribes.
Voters' Pamphlets
This collection includes the full text of all measures voted on by the people, candidate information, and more. The State Library has collected and digitized voters' pamphlets from Oregon's primary, general, and special elections. Marion County pamphlets from 1904 to present are online, and the State Library is in the process of digitizing the rest. You can browse each pamphlet, or search the entire collection by keyword.